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Compass Behavioral Health is where a healthy mind, life, and community is built. When the stress of daily life becomes unmanageable, Compass Behavioral Health is here to give you the support you need. Compass Behavioral Health offers a wide variety of quality therapy and medication, education, and 24/7 crisis programs. You’ll receive the strength you need to navigate life’s greatest journey with maximum success.



The Leader in Behavioral Health Services Since 1961

As a prominent leader in behavioral health, we provide the most advanced professional help to the members of our community. We are a progressive institution that adheres to the changes made by our local and state government, so optimal social and emotional wellbeing is achieved for all.


You are not alone! There are many resources available to help manage varying behavioral health concerns.

Community Resource Guide — English and Spanish

Managing COVID-19

        Center for Disease Control Website

        Manage Stress Related to COVID-19

        Tips For Preventing COVID-19

        Steps for Healthy Relationships During COVID-19

        Growing Together During COVID-19

        How to Stay Married During Quarantine

Stress Management

       The Great ‘Egg’periment — Video

        Enforceable Statements — Parenting Tip Video

       Thoughts and Feelings — Conveyor Belt Mindfulness Exercise Video

        Anxiety Busters


        MEDDSS — Spanish


        Stress and Anxiety — Spanish

        Stress Management

        Tips For Families

        Health and Wellness

        Mastering Time Management

Trauma and Depression

        Trauma Reactions

        Trauma Handout

        Childhood Depression

        Five Stages of Grief

        Self-Care After Trauma

Suicide Awareness

        Suicide Awareness

        Suicide Warning Signs


At Compass Behavioral Health, you can always rely on us to create a plan around your situation and needs. To find out more about us and the services we offer, feel free to contact us by calling (620) 276-7689.