Our Executive Director

Lisa Southern was appointed as the Executive Director by the Compass Board of Directors in May 2017. Lisa has been with Compass since 1994 in various positions ~ Crisis Services Therapist, LSH Liaison, BHS Program Manager and Region I Program Director.

I have always enjoyed my professional career with Compass and tell everyone I meet that I love Compass and the great work we do. We are a Team, a very strong Team of experienced and caring professionals. It is an honor to be a part of this wonderful organization. Compass is committed to any change that is needed and welcomes feedback on how to better serve the people of our 13 counties (and beyond). We are a premier community mental health center that wants to help people achieve their full potential and improve their quality of life. Untreated behavioral health conditions can really take a heavy toll on life’s every day experiences, choices and responsibilities. For me, Leadership is about the people we interact with and how to help them be more successful ~ this applies to all Compass staff and the clients we are here to help.