Crisis Services

Our primary goal is to assist children and families in maintaining community tenure. We strive to assist individuals in staying out of a State Psychiatric Hospital and even an Acute Psychiatric Unit during the crisis stay and for 30 days following discharge from the program.

To provide a community based service for children (ages 6-17) experiencing a mental health crisis.

Our role is to provide a safe, supportive place where individuals can stay instead of going to the hospital. An individualized crisis plan is developed for everyone admitted to the crisis house. The plan is based on that individual’s strengths, needs, abilities and preferences. We educate and offer wellness recovery action planning to all individuals admitted.

– Crisis Service providers provide 24 hour coverage
– Compass Behavioral Health has experienced staff with knowledge and skills in many specialty areas
– Case Managers with years of experience working with children in crisis
– Administrative supervision of the service and clinical supervision of the staff is provided by a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP)
– Individual and Family Therapy sessions as needed


Dodge City: (620) 227-8566
506 Avenue L

Garden City: (620) 276-7689
1111 E. Spruce

Ulysses: (620) 356-3198
404 N. Baughman St.

Scott City: (620) 872-5338
210 W. 4th St

Children’s Haven House Brochure