Therapeutic Services for Preschoolers

Therapeutic Services for Preschoolers (TSP)

TSP is as eight week program for young children who experience emotional difficulty.   The mission of the program is early intervention.  Research shows that the best time to intervene in behavioral disturbances is EARLY.

The eight week program is comprised of eight weeks of psychosocial group curriculum designed to teach your child skills that will help him be successful at home and in community settings. Your child will attend three psychosocial groups each week that are based on the following topics:

  • Feelings
  • Understanding Anger
  • Problem Solving
  • Social Skills

One day a week the TSP case manager will visit your child’s classroom to reinforce skills learned that week and to conference with the teacher.  The TSP case manager will also meets with parents to inform you of your child’s weekly behavior in the psychosocial group and to assist you in reinforcing new skills with your child.

For more information call the nearest Compass Behavioral Health Location:

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